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Marssian Learning brings together some of Australia’s best tutors who mentor your child in private or small group tutoring sessions. We have a host of inspirational expert tutors who are well qualified and experienced to invest in your students academic future and deliver personalised services based on your child’s needs.

Watch your child’s confidence grow
with Marssian Learning:

Curriculum-Based Content

Our approach aligns with your child's school curriculum. This cohesive delivery impacts positively on your student's confidence and help them develop a love of learning. We identify any gaps while you watch your child thrive and get ahead or on track with schoolwork or preparation for exams.

Experienced Tutors

Children learn better with interactive and individualised teaching. This is why we personally match your child with tutors who are engaged in maximising learning experiences. Our team are hand-selected for their patience, friendliness, and ability to inspire your child towards marked improvement or nurture their academic gifts.

Personalised Approach

Every child learns differently, so we provide support and mentorship that allows learning at an individualised pace. With solid foundations, their confidence will grow when celebrating the areas they excel in and focusing on developing the academic areas they struggle with.

Expert Education

Regularly coaching and developing our tutors is part of what helps our program work. This process means your child has access to a team that delivers effective and efficient learning sessions regularly reviewed and undergo checks.

Regular Progress Reports

An essential component of our services is open communication. This is delivered through periodically updating families with reports about your child's progress. This is to ensure your student is getting the best out of their sessions. We appreciate your feedback so we can further support and tailor tutoring sessions with your child.

Conveniently Delivered Online

You will love the convenience of our sessions being held online or face-to-face, no matter your Australian location. We take the rush and battle of traffic out of your day by connecting with your child online in a safe and secured environment.


Primary Courses

Tailored for your children’s specific situation and goals, our Maths and English classes are specifically designed for Year 2-6 students in Australia. Our primary course match closely with the Australian National Curriculum.

Secondary Courses

Year 7-10 is an important stage for students to keep developing their learning skills and build further on their test preparation. Our secondary classes are mapped to the Australian National Curriculum specifically.

Senior Courses

Our senior tutoring classes in Maths, English and Chemistry are designed to help students achieve their goals and results. We also help students navigate through the learning tasks to stay on top of their learning priorities.


The Marssian Learning Maths courses would identify the individual student level and learning progress. Helping to enhance the core knowledge foundation for the students and align the learning progress at school.


The Marssian Learning English courses are closely aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, as it is important for the students to excel in the subject and also build it as a native language.


The Marssian Learning Chemistry programs are also designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum closely. Chemistry is always an important subject for senior students, we do have highly experienced tutors helping our student to do well in this subject.

Experience the Marssian
Learning Difference

We believe that learning should be fun and an experience that’s free from stress, which is why we’ve introduced our interactive learning platform for use at home.

Often children learn better in an environment in which they’re familiar, so learning from the comfort of their home with a real tutor in a virtual setting, can contribute to their learning experience.

Our sessions include real tutors, in real-time using videos, audio and a whiteboard that both students and tutor use collaboratively. The sessions are recorded and can be revisited at any time so your child can continue learning once the sessions are complete.

We know that introducing a tutor into your child’s world can be overwhelming, but our team are on hand to help you make a choice for your student’s future. Whether it’s building confidence in their ability, playing catchup or pushing academic boundaries, Marssian Learning will bring individualised and interactive learning designed for success, especially for your child.


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